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    φ80Fan motor
    189Single mold
    Y2-90Plate mold
    String of collector
    Dc motor
    Spelling a piece
    58Shaded pole laminations
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    Shengzhou soosung machinery co., LTD is a shengzhou cold punching mould design and manufacturing enterprises,Existing production workshop4000Square meters,Employees80More than 1,The management、Technical engineer20Name,And accumulated years of experience in mold manufacturing。Is a company specializing in the production of progressive die、Progressive dies、High-speed stamping die、Progressive die、Motor iron core、All kinds of stretch、Forming a progressive die、Motor plate mold、Motor plate mold、The motor iron core high punching die、Cold stamping die manufacturers, etc...
    Shaded pole moldSpell of mould
    Series motor laminations、Dc motor plate moldFractional horsepower motor plate mold
    The refrigerator motor laminations、Fan motor plate moldChain of mould
    EISliceCompression pump balance of mould
    Generator plate mold 
       Company specializing in the production of various kinds of progressive die、Progressive dies、High-speed stamping die。The company has large-scale precision machining center,Large precision surface grinding machine、Precision cylindrical grinding machine, and other equipment,Ensure the mold parts processing quality effectively....
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