The name of the company:Xinzheng rivers biological technology co., LTD 
  The company address:Henan xinzheng pear river town  
  Contacts:Zhang Linqi The general manager 
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     Xinzheng rivers biological technology co., LTDLocated in the hometown of the yellow emperor xinzheng pear river town,Is one specialized is engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates product research and development,Production and operation of high-tech enterprises。Company technical force is abundant。Have a high-quality research and development team,Backbone members have years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates product development,Can according to the market and customer needs to constantly develop new products。The company has established the independent r&d and testing center,Implementation of the pharmaceutical intermediates and other products from the test,Tracking control in the whole process of the pilot to industrial production process。Company to purchase advanced experiment and test equipment,Set up perfect product inspection and quality guarantee system,To provide customers with high quality..More and more 
     2,5-Dimethoxy-2,5-Two hydrogen furan
     2-Amino-2-Thiazole moiety-4-Carboxylic acid
     4-Methyl groups-5-Methyl chloride-1,3-Two oxygen...
     4,5-Two methyl groups-1,3-Two oxygen heterocyclic e
     Malonic acid(The)Isopropyl ester
     2-Bromine propionyl bromide
     Neighboring nitrobenzene formaldehyde
     The nitrobenzene formaldehyde
     2,5-Dimethoxy dihydrogen furan
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