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Shanghai yan 'an pharmaceutical formerly method in pharmacy,By the famous Shanghai national industrialist Mr Huang Chu nine in 189OYears to create,The famous products“Mr. Luo to fill my brain”、Famous brand“Good fortune in ten thousand”Popular in the whole of China and southeast Asia。Huang Chu nine designed woodblock prints“Good fortune in ten thousand”The trademark,Its implication“Lucky people's life,Inheritance evergreen in ten thousand”As our company's philosophy。Companies adhering to the founder of the spirit of the public health service, with all my heart,Pursuit of perfect quality、The innovation of the product、Brand value of unlimited,Therefore, while changsheng built over a long period of time,To this day。The company now has developed into a set research and development...[Look at all of them]

The state food and drug administration|Shanghai food and drug administration |Guangdong food and drug administration|Jiangsu food and drug administration|Hubei province food and drug administration|

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