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My company to design、Production、Selling various TV monitor console、The LCD work station、The television screen wall、Splicing screen,Electronic teaching table、Multimedia platform、GuiYuanZhi、Waterproof boxes、Power distribution cabinet、Stainless steel case、Monitor rod、Stainless steel rod、Electronic rod、Lamp posts、The road sign and other metal products、And mechanical processing, etc。The company has good technical personnel and high-quality team。Can be timely to provide customers with perfect after-sales service。“Professional qualifications,Building brand”Is the company's business objectives,“Excellence in quality,Rely on the price”、“Contract”Is the company's operating purposes。Have the talent in the field of industry、Resources、Scale、The enormous strength of the experience and influence,Become highly competitive,And advantages of new entrepreneurial organization,Welcome new and old customers to order。

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