Shandong crocodile breeding base
    Address:Yuncheng county in shandong province economic development zone
    The general manager:Wang ning
    A mobile phone:15953022536

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        Shandong crocodile breeding base in shandong province is engaged in the wholesale crocodile seedlings、The crocodile meat、Sell ornamental crocodiles and all kinds of crocodile farm related products。Over the years,We take more than a decade of crocodile breeding technology provides excellent crocodile seedling varieties for everyone,We wholesale crocodile seedlings in preserving their wild over the years but also has strong adaptability、Easy to feed、Grow up fast, etc,And so unanimously favored and loved by consumers。The perennial crocodile farm also sell wholesale crocodile meat and crocodile leather bags and other products,Also sold to hebei、Shanghai、Jiangsu and shandong, and other provinces and regions。

        In recent years,I keep on learning new farms crocodile breeding technology,And take the lead in importing more advanced crocodile eggs hatch、Feeding equipment。Sell crocodile seedlings not only healthy and free from disease,And higher survival rate,And can be raised in a variety of water area environment,Strong ability to adapt。In addition to this,We also welcome each to come and visit customers on-site guidance,And could be used to purchase crocodile customers and producers to provide comprehensive technical training of crocodile breeding,Guarantee that you can master the crocodile seedlings after purchase daily farming knowledge including daily feeding、The water temperature, etc。 

        Now hon's crocodile farm I have different kinds and ages of crocodiles in the thousands,And provide crocodile seedlings wholesale geared to the needs of society、Crocodile meat to sell the business!Welcome to visit our factory to make an appointment,And hopes to join hands in creating a future with you!

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