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Our factory is a professional manufacturer of hose hoops,Factory for more than 20 years,Product marketing throughout the country,For the car、Tractors and other ancillary machinery manufacturers,Some products through foreign trade are exported to foreign countries。 In recent years,In order to meet customers' requirements,Products are serialized、Diversified development。The main products are:Stainless steel series、Carbon steel、Double wire steel type、The galvanized hose hoops and form a complete set screw。Our factory products,Design is reasonable。Quality is reliable,Implement three guarantees,Welcome to inquire。 Product characteristics:Hose hoops(Hose clamp),Made from high quality steel,Excellent manufacturing process,Finished products through strict inspection,Safe and reliable。The use of light energy,Corrosion protection,Rust resistance and strong fastening force。 Product use:Mainly used for automobile、The tractor、The ship、Gasoline engine、Oil on the sprinkler and other mechanical equipment、Gas、Hydraulic hose joints,And construction、Fire protection and other industries。 Our tenet:To the quality、Credibility、Strives for the survival and thoughtful service。In science and technology of the product、Series、Diversified development。
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Hose hoops seems to be a very small product,But also has a smaller value,But it has a powerful role。Like American hose hoops,Usually there is a name is the clamp。If this is a stainless steel hose hoops,Process is mainly adopted the through hole,The use of and has a more extensive range,A...
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